Welcome to JasDevelops We focus on helping Black and Brown women get unstuck, get out of debt, so they can become their own CFO!

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Our Vision

A world where Black and Brown women would stop having a broke mindset and instead create their own personal capital. Be their own banks, live a debt free lifestyle, and secure that financial freedom they may crave.

Our Mission

To make this vision happen. We education Black and Brown women who may not had received financial literacy while growing up, and as a result may not know how to budget, or know the definition of a FICO score (their net worth), or how to invest.

Coming Soon

A 6 week course to guide you the Financial Freedom that you may crave or create your own Personal Capital or be your own CFO.

Weeks Layout:

  1. Spill the tea (Questionnaire-what are your goals, what do you want to accomplish?)
  2. Financial Health(How do you handle money? Should you get a will?Do you like to spend or are you doom's day saver?)
  3. Let's Dive (Scrub all three credit reports)
  4. What's your worth?(calculate your net worth)
  5. Budget & Tracking(why budget's are such a powerful tool)
  6. Investing

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